Things We Do...
  • a revolutionary social shopping experience.
  • Mobile Commerce
  • SWidgets: Social Commerce Platform — a powerful suite of social capabilities for commerce sites. Adding the social layer on top of e-commerce.
  • Sears Labs: Internal incubation of commerce-related technologies, services, products or concepts.
Things We Believe In...
  • Nothing is carved in stone
    Ask questions, doubt and always try to find the best solution. Challenge basic assumptions and suggest better ones.
  • Walk the talk
    Say what you think, directness is a must.
    Put everything on the table - hidden agendas are not welcome. The only rule is to do it with respect to others.
  • Challenge the wheel
    Innovative thinking is our day-to-day paradigm here. We're always on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies and products that make the difference. Be curious and search for new adventures.
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